For those who are interested, here are some online ethics courses offered in 2016 by the University of Oxford Dept of Comntinuing Education.
1) Ethics for Bioscience
Location: Online
Dates: Mon 1 Feb to Fri 8 Apr 2016
This ten week online module is designed to facilitate understanding, reflection on and engagement with key ethical issues thrown up by conducting clinical research, practicing evidence-based health care, and engaging with science and technology. Online discussion forums enable real time communication between students and the tutor, and encourage critical thought and interpretation of practical scenarios. The course contains guided readings, online discussion, case studies and other activities. Students' writing skills will improve throughout the course because of ample constructive feedback on the brief essays they produce.
The last date for receipt of complete applications is 5pm Friday 22nd January 2016. Regrettably, late applications cannot be accepted.
For more information and to enrol:
2) Ethics: An Introduction
Location: Online
Dates: Mon 25 Jan - Fri 8 April 2016
Wed 4 May to Fri 15 July 2016
In this introduction to ethics, the philosophy of morality, we shall examine four important ethical theories (virtue ethics, deontologiy, expressivism and utilitarianism), applying them to two practical questions: the rights of animals and euthanasia. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage in debate and test your own thinking.
For more information:
3) Introduction to Statistics for Health Care Research
Location: online
Dates: Mon 18 Jan to Fri 25 March, 2016
Mon 16 May to Fri 22 July 2016
Take your first steps to unlock the power of statistics. This ten week online statistics module is designed for health and social care professionals who want to understand the basics of analysis methods commonly used in medical research, in order to understand published research and to participate in more specialised courses. Students will learn to use and interpret basic statistical methods using SPSS, with reference to cohort studies, case control studies and randomized controlled trials. Online discussion forums enable communication between students and the tutor to provide support and to interpret and understand real-life scenarios.
The last date for receipt of complete applications is 5pm Friday 18th December 2015. Regrettably, late applications cannot be accepted.
For more information:


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    I would like to do ethics course.Is this on line

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