The video ( was produced by the Centre of biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC) in Karachi as part of its many educational activities related to clinical medicine, research and public health ethics. 
CBEC, the only centre of bioethics in Pakistan, was inaugurated in 2004. It is a WHO Collaborative Centre and located in the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. Amongst other things, the Centre produces its own videos which are contextual to realities of developing countries and highlights the local values, religious beliefs and factors common to their health care systems. All actors in these videos are individuals who are CBEC faculty, alumni, students and well wishers who participate and act on voluntary basis, highlighting their hidden talents.
The video “Between Hope and Despair” deals with ethical challenges that LMIC (Low and Middle Income Countries) with vulnerable populations can face in dealing with highly infectious, high mortality epidemics. It focuses on dilemmas healthcare-related professionals must contend with in light of limited existing medical resources and the struggle of local IRBs, while reviewing a proposal to test a vaccine, in balancing potential benefits versus harm to subjects and communities. The movie also highlights the ways in which cultural values and belief systems of affected communities can come into conflict with measures that scientists and researchers consider important. 
The other educational videos that CBEC has made can be accessed on the following link:


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